Vår medarbetare i Toruń

Angelina Kubiak

“Norian provides training opportunities for both accounting and language.”

My name is Angelina Kubiak and I have worked in Norian since 2016. Today I work as a team leader for a team providing services for one of our largest Swedish customers.

I started working while still studying finance and accounting. Working here allowed me to consolidate the acquired knowledge, put it into practice, and learn more about international accounting. In the meantime, I completed my studies while working and gaining and expanding my experience.

I started my professional career working in Accounts Payable with a customer where we, at that point, were in the implementation process, onboarding work tasks and implementing a workflow system. This experience taught me a lot and gave me the opportunity to develop further. I had the opportunity to learn about the accounting processes for several customers in the Swedish department and participate in the implementation of new customers. I think that no manual, even the best written one, can replace such experience gained in an international company like Norian.

I believe that Norian gives great opportunities to develop, learn and expand your knowledge. The number of tasks and services we provide, as well as their diversity, allows you to better understand accounting processes and consciously perform your duties. As an employing company, it provides training opportunities for both accounting and language. Teamwork is an important element here and thanks to the exchange of experiences and daily cooperation, we are sure that our work is done properly and that every problem can be solved together.