Vår medarbetare i Toruń

Piotr Mucha

“There will be no excitement if it will be always the same.”

My name is Piotr Mucha and I am Department Manager for department Sweden at Norian in Poland.

I started my journey here in April 2016 as a junior accountant in Accounts payable. The company gave me opportunity to learn and develop my accounting skills as well as analytical thinking. Working in international environment improved my communication skills and what impressed me was the way Norian build its own organizational culture. Thanks to all experience I gained from daily work and from my colleagues I was able to grow in Norian and after some time I was promoted firstly to Team Leader position and currently I work as Department Manager for Swedish customers.

I feel great in Norian thanks to the atmosphere and support I get from my colleagues not only on place but also from Sweden and Lithuania. It’s really inspiring to work with such great people who have heads full of ideas and are so keen on to improve and develop our processes as well as themselves. Every day is different and I’m always surprised by something – which is really great! There will be no excitement if it will be always the same 😉

After work I walk with my Samoyed dog named “Muszka”<Flyga> and when he tired me up I try to read historical books as I believe that knowing the past helps you understand the present.  When I have some more days off I love to travel together with my wife to see as many countries as possible We always try to eat only local food and dishes as this is our way to feel for a moment like a local. Temporarily we have some break from trips as recently we became parents but soon we should be back on track , just with another companion 😊